Quick-Start Settings for the Keto-Mojo GK+ Meter

Published: October 1, 2020

How to Set up Your Meter by Syncing

Mister Mojo here. I’m now going to show you how to set up your meter in two ways. Step one is the easiest. First of all, download the app either on iOS or on Android. All right, let’s get that, download it, excellent. Step two. Let’s take a look inside here. Let’s open it up. Let’s grab our meter. You will notice, on the back of the meter, there is a pull tab here. You’re going to pull that out and that’s going to activate the batteries inside, and you’ll notice on the front here, the Bluetooth light is starting to flash to begin the setup process. You just press Sync on your phone, it’ll search for the device, it will connect, and now it’s set the date and time. How easy was that?

How to Set up Your Meter Manually

The other methodology for setting the date and time is to do it manually on the phone. And let’s take you through how to do that now. Make sure you’ll meter is on for when you sync on your phone and you will see the Bluetooth icon flashing. But now we’re going to show you how to do it manually. All right, so let’s take a look at how we set the time. The two buttons on the side here, you can either move them up or down like that will change between the fields. Do you like a 12-hour clock or do you like the 24-hour military time? I like a 12-hour clock. That’s why I’m going to double tap on the front there and I will get to the next field. So here we are, we’re on the next field and this is for the year, and it’s saying 2020. Well, that’s the year we’re in. So, double-tap that. The next thing we’re going to set up is the date format. It can be either set in the American way or the European way. The American way is month then date, European is date then month. So, you see underneath here, it says m/d, or it says d/m. We want months then date. Double tap at the front like that.

The next thing we’re going to set up is the actual month and the date. So we are here in September, but if you are in October, move it up one, or if you’re in November, move it up, or you can move it back by simply using the buttons. When you’ve got to your today’s date, you double tap on the front there to get to the next field. The next field, we’re going to go to the date. Here it is, it’s showing it’s September the third, but if I want to go to the fourth, I can keep moving it up or I can come down to bring it back that way there. Once we’ve got to the date that we want it set to, let’s make sure that’s the third, yes, there we go, we double-tap on the front to get to the next field. And now we’re going to do the time. So, we’re going to advance the time. It is 10. Double tap to set that. Now we’re going to do the minutes. I’m going to move that up. Let’s have a look, 10:20, keep moving it up there like so, double tap to set it. Now it’s going to ask you, do you want it to beep? Yes, I like my meter to beep so I’m going to double-tap on the front there.

Now we’re going to come into the alarm settings. I like to use the alarm on my phone most of the time and we’ll cover alarms another date too, so you say alarm one off, alarm two off, alarm three off, alarm four off. And then we get to setting up your hypoglycemic warning. You can set the actual level at which you will have your meter beep at you for hypoglycemia. This is useful to adjust if perhaps you’re fasting or that you can actually have slightly lower levels of glucose. So, it says hypoglycemia on. So, when I’m fasting, I like to set my hypoglycemia warning down to 65. I’m just going to lower this from 70 down to here because that’s kind of normal for me. Then double-tap to set that. The next piece we’re going to do is a ketone warning. So, we’re going to put that as to being on, double tap that. Because this is a concern for diabetics for ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis only happens in the presence of high glucose and high ketones. Once you have pressed the button twice to finish that, the meter will automatically switch off and you are ready to test.



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