Stone Age Body, Space Age Diet: Nutrition, Metabolism, and Mental Health


Ann Childers, MD

Dr. Ann Childers practices Lifestyle Psychiatry, combining mainstream general and adolescent psychiatry with principles of nutrition, sleep and general health approaches to promote a sense of overall well-being in her patients. In her practice Dr. Childers provides continuous glucose monitor testing, genetics testing and temperament testing to individualize treatment in harmony with metabolic, genetic and personality characteristics. She is a recognized speaker worldwide and author of Chapter 23: Nutritional Aspects of Psychiatric Disorders, in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: The Essentials, Cheng and Myers, Editors. She is also co-author of Dietary Carbohydrate Restriction as the First Approach in Diabetes Management: Critical Review and Evidence Base, by Richard D. Feinman, PhD, et. al. In 2018 Onalytica, maker of consultancy-led influencer marketing software, found Dr. Childers to be the top female doctor social media influencer worldwide on the subjects of “Obesity, Diabetes and the Sugar Problem.”

To find Dr. Childers online, go to: Website, Twitter.


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