I’ve dropped 60+ pounds and am no longer pre-diabetic

April 30, 2021

Ken Saunders Before and After

How long have you been doing keto?

Since August 2014


What motivated you to start keto?

I had heard of the ketogenic diet, from bodybuilders. I needed to lose weight and get healthy but I needed to change my lifestyle, I didn’t want a diet. I have learned so much in the last three years. The Keto-Mojo app and meter have been indispensable. Now I can’t imagine living any way other than the Keto way.


What benefits/successes have you experienced?

I have dropped 60+ pounds of fat. I am no longer pre-diabetic, have an abundance of energy, and no longer take blood pressure medication. Keto works!!


What was the hardest part?

Initially not having a lot of solid guidance. Going through the “keto flu” was rough as well.


What were the keys or top tools to your success?

I would have to say Keto groups on Facebook were an invaluable resource. Having access to Keto foods on Amazon as well as Keto Candy Girl here locally was also a huge part of my success.


Did you measure your ketones and/or glucose and if so, how did that help you?

Initially, I measured them with the urine strips until I discovered Keto-Mojo. I am a Founders Club member and a huge advocate for the meter and website.


What’s your favorite keto recipe?

I love leg of lamb with garlic, pine nuts, green beans, and my recipe for mashed cauliflower. My mashed cauliflower is made with cauliflower florets, garlic powder, parm cheese, salt, pepper, and the secret is full fat cream cheese and a stick blender. It will change your life.


What tips or words of wisdom can you share?

Anytime you are making a change it will take time to get comfortable and form new habits. Stick with it and before you know it, living keto won’t really require any effort at all.

Source: Ken Saunders

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