The Keto-Mojo MyMojoHealth App is available free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and works on most mobile devices.

Getting Started with the App & Integrations

Pairing your meter with the app is simple and fast using Bluetooth, and allows you to back up, store, and share your readings with your healthcare provider. The app automatically calculates your glucose-ketone index (GKI) and you can also custom sort data, view graphs and trends, review past results, download your results in CSV file format, or share your readings with your healthcare professional.

Step 1

Find instructions for pairing your meter and mobile device here and here.

Step 2

Register for MyMojoHealth cloud connect on the app for unlimited secure data storage.

Step 3

Explore some of the app integrations like Apple Health, Carb Manager, and Cronometer.

Step 4

Your healthcare provider may send you additional instructions to connect your MyMojoHealth account to their private electronic health record platform.

Essential Resources for Getting Started on the Ketogenic Diet

Understanding the Keto Diet in 6 Simple Steps



Test, Don't Guess

Unlike many diets, there’s no middle ground with the ketogenic diet. You’re either in ketosis…or you’re not! The biggest determinant of ketosis is how many carbohydrates you eat each day, which can vary from person to person. Fortunately, testing takes the guesswork out of the process.



Know Your Macros and Keto Basics

Protein, carbohydrates, and fat make up your macronutrients, or macros for short, and are the basic building blocks of your diet. The biggest difference between the ketogenic diet and other diets is that it contains very few carbohydrates, which allows your body to increase fat-burning and achieve a state of nutritional ketosis.

In most cases, the proper macro ratio starting out on keto is around 20% of calories from protein, 5% or fewer of calories from carbs, and at least 75% of calories from healthy fats. But goals and other individual differences can sometimes affect your overall caloric and protein needs, so it’s worth experimenting to find what works best for your body.

As you transition into ketosis you may experience side effects, almost always short term. But you can learn ways to avoid them.



Consider Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) can enhance your results and accelerate your progress, but it’s not for everyone. Speak to your physician or healthcare provider before you try fasting if you’ve got a medical condition, take prescription medication, or are otherwise unsure whether fasting may be a good idea in your situation.



Keto-Friendly Foods & Recipes

Knowing what to eat is essential to staying in ketosis while also enjoying a delicious variety of foods. Cleaning out your pantry of high-carb and processed foods and replacing them with low-carb and whole foods will help you achieve your goals faster. Here we guide you on what to stock in your pantry and what makes good substitutes for familiar, but high carb foods. Once you have the ingredients you need, go to our recipes section and pick from hundreds of delicious, keto-friendly meals, snacks, and desserts. You’ll find that you can not only eat well, but you can eat an incredible variety of foods!



Add Exercise to the Mix

Even though the ketogenic diet is highly effective for fat loss and wellness, regular exercise is still extremely important to get the most benefits and best long-term results from your low-carb lifestyle. For anyone new to keto, incorporating physical activity early on is an excellent way to increase ketone production and achieve ketosis faster. For the best overall results, try a combination of strength (resistance) training and endurance or aerobic exercise.



Learn more about Keto and Health Conditions

The ketogenic diet is exceptionally effective for everyone, but also has unique therapeutic benefits when it comes to weight loss and treating medical conditions ranging from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to neurological issues and cancer.

Browse the matrix below to discover how a low-carb lifestyle could be the key to achieving better medical outcomes and a higher quality of life.


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